Motown made its mark not just on the music industry, but society at large. Horn&Holland invite you to an evening down memory lane with the sounds of Motown, featuring AnnaMarie Horn and Sean Holland II. This promises to be an evening you won't forget. Get your tickets to this unforgettable occasion here.

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Horn & Holland focuses on producing positive jazz that shifts the atmosphere.  Each song is guaranteed to take "YOU", the listener on a journey through a new world.  It is a new world filled with fresh sounds of a SINGING SAX and MELODIC LEADS.  ENJOY THE JOURNEY..


“While many independent, emerging urban jazz artists just throw some fun, funky tunes together and hope something big happens, Horn & Holland bring true inspiration and a higher purpose of bringing light and joy to people with their music. Beautifully integrating their love for jazz, R&B and gospel as per their mission statement, the duo’s debut single is soulful, exciting and in the pocket, and is a powerful opening showcase for Horn’s sonic textures and Holland’s edgy, heart-tugging sax. Their story so far is fascinating – and this track will make a lot of urban jazz fans eager for the next chapters!” – Jonathan Widran