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Horn and Holland joined musical forces in 2016 after originally meeting two years earlier at a National Day of Prayer Gathering in Lansing, where Holland who pastors at the Epicenter of Worship Church, was a keynote speaker and Horn was accompanying AnnaMaria.

Since the release of Steps of a Good Man, they have turned their explosive live performances into major cultural shaping events. They pioneered a summer jazz series in East Lansing called “Jazz With Dads,” celebrating Father’s Day; featured at Jazz on the Grand in Downtown Lansing and the Hastings Jazz Festival in Hastings, MI; showcase events for the Stella Awards in Las Vegas; and headlined an MLK celebration in Newport, VA. They have also performed at galas on behalf of the local Black Chamber of Commerce.


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Forty-seven years after Marvin Gaye released his groundbreaking hit “What’s Going On,” the troubling, heartbreaking conditions of the world we live in today continues to shock us and prompt us to ask the same question. Speaking powerfully and eloquently to these harrowing times, the powerhouse contemporary urban jazz duo of keyboardist/producer Darren Horn and saxophonist Dr. Sean Holland –collectively known as Horn and Holland – bring fresh relevance and emotional urgency to the Motown classic.

Set for a July 31st release, their infectious new single features a slowed-down groove, with an ocean deep soulful intensity and a compelling shift in perspective from a male questioning war and violence to that of a mother crying out for her children. The urgent yet shapely female vocal is by featured artist, internationally renowned gospel performer and recording artist AnnaMaria, who brings a spiritual goodness and a sense of hope and healing, to the timeless song.

"What's Going On" is the Lansing, Michigan based duo's highly anticipated follow up single to their critically acclaimed debut EP Steps of a Good Man, which included two hit radio singles that established Horn and Holland as one of the genre's premier emerging artists. "Miracle" reached # 34 on the Billboard National Airplay chart, while "Oh Love (featuring Sam Trego) hit five different New Music Weekly Charts, becoming the #1 Indie Record on the Top 40 chart, and reaching #22 on the NMW Top 40, #15 on the Hot A/C chart and #20 on the Top 100 Pop chart.


“While many independent, emerging urban jazz artists just throw some fun, funky tunes together and hope something big happens, Horn & Holland bring true inspiration and a higher purpose of bringing light and joy to people with their music. Beautifully integrating their love for jazz, R&B and gospel as per their mission statement, the duo’s debut single is soulful, exciting and in the pocket, and is a powerful opening showcase for Horn’s sonic textures and Holland’s edgy, heart-tugging sax. Their story so far is fascinating – and this track will make a lot of urban jazz fans eager for the next chapters!” – Jonathan Widran


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Horn & Holland A Night of Motown